Air Cooler – rechargeable

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This rechargeable air cooler can be used anywhere; in the camper, caravan or camping in the tent, but also at home in the bedroom.
The cooler can not only be used via the socket, but it is equipped with a strong rechargeable battery (USB) with a operating time of 1.5-2 hours at low speed and about 50 minutes at high speed.
It draws warm air from the room to fill the room with cool air via the evaporative water filter. It has a 430ml water tank and a special 33ml reservoir for adding essential oil for a lovely scent!
The cooler cools the air around you, humidifies it and purifies the space. The best cooling result is obtained by adding ice to the reservoir. The colder the water in the reservoir, the colder the air. Note: the air cooler is not a portable air conditioner. It is a fan that produces a cooler wind by means of the cold water.

•    Power 8W, DC-5V 1.5A
•    Compact and portable
•    Power 8W
•    Weighs only 1kg., compact size 16.5×16.5×18.5cm
•    430ml water tank
•    lasts 3-5 hrs,  depending of fan speed and environment temperature
•    Incl. essential oil reservoir 33ml and handy injection bottle
•    Interchangeable water filter
•    Rechargeable battery USB 1.5-2 hours of use
•    Built-in soothing LED night light
•    3 different speed settings
•    Sterilizer
•    Suitable for camper, caravan, tent or at home