Combi Awning


Combi awning for the caravan or tent.

The awning can be used at the caravan or at the tent awning.

The awning can be prepared to fit the caravan awning with the included rivets.
The rivets can be placed at the reinforced patches on the canopy so the canopy can be place over the upright poles from the canravan tent.

The canopy 240 is equipped with a 7 + 6mm piping to fit the caravan but also easily attach the tent frame with a piping block without drilling in the caravan! (see picture)

How do I prepare the combi canopy for my awning?
In this manual you can see how easy it is to mount the rings to the awning. Manual Eurotrail Combi Awning GB

Optional: frame set, sidewalls with or without window (for extra protection!)

Available in 200cm or 240cm deep.
Fabric: 100% polyester All Weather Tex 1.7
Nr.         Tent size A           Roofsize B          Fabric size
04          675-700cm          144-155cm            335x240cm
05          700-725cm          156-168cm            361x240cm
06          725-750cm          169-180cm            385x240cm
07          750-775cm          181-193cm            411x240cm
08          775-800cm          194-205cm            435x240cm
09          800-825cm          206-218cm            461x240cm
10          825-850cm          219-230cm            485x240cm
11          850-875cm          231-243cm            511x240cm
12          875-900cm          244-255cm            535x240cm
13          900-925cm          256-268cm            561x240cm
14          925-950cm          269-280cm            585x240cm
15          950-975cm          281-293cm            611x240cm
16         975-1000cm         294-307cm            637x240cm
17       1000-1025cm         308-321cm            663x240cm