Caravan - Camper Covers

The covers of Eurotrail protect your caravan or motorhome against dirt, dust, leaves, in short, everything that comes from above.

You know the caravan has been completely cleaned, but once it has been taken out of the garage, there is nothing more to be seen of the major cleaning. Our caravan and / or camper covers ensure that the car continues to look neat and that dirt and dust can no longer deposit on the car.

The covers are made of a 3-layer SFS-3 material which is provided with a breathable membrane. SFS is optimally water-repellent, but what is much more important is that it is breathable, so any moisture caused by condensation, for example, can evaporate and does not remain on the car.


We recommend that you always cover the windows of the caravan or camper. This is to prevent abrasion damage (scratches in the window) in the wind.

Ventilate the caravan or camper regularly to prevent stale or damp air.