Caravan - Camper Covers

The covers of Eurotrail protect your caravan or motorhome from dirt, dust, leaves short, everything that comes from above.
Caravan and motorhome or covers ensures that the caravan/camper is still clean of dirt and dust or other deposit on the car after the several months of storage. The covers are made from a 3 layer SFS-3 material which is provided with a breathable membrane. SFS is optimum water repellent but what is more important is that it is breathable, so any moisture due to evaporation and condensation for example, does not stay on the wagon.

We recommend that you always cover the windows of the caravan or camper. This is to prevent abrasion damage (scratches in the window) in the wind.
Ventilate the caravan or motor home regularly to prevent a musty or damp air.