Sun Shade


Practical shade tarp to use over the terrace, children’s pool or play ground to create an extra shade.

The sturdy mesh fabric is 90% UV resistant and provides maximum protection against harmful UV radiation. It is breathable and water-permeable so that you can simply leave it outside when it is raining.
The edges of the mesh fabric are reinforced with extra nylon webbing and the corners are fitted with a stainless steel D-eye for fixation. Available color charcoal.

(Excluding suspension/mounting hardware)

The Sun Shade is available in a triangular or square style.

3.6×3.6×3.6mtr, weight 1.1 kg.
5x5x5mtr., Weight 1.7 kg.

3.6×3.6mtr, weight 2.4 kg..
5x5mtr., Weight 2.4 kg.

Fabric: 100% 180 g / m2 PE