Caravan roof cover

Caravan roof cover made of 160 grams heavy SFS-3 material.
The best protection against any weather outside but also ideal for use in winter.
The covers are 300cm wide and with the included straps you can mount the roof cover perfectly over the caravan.  
SKU Caravan Length (excl. beam)
ETCC0111 350-400cm
ETCC0116 400-450cm
ETCC0121 450-500cm
ETCC0126 500-550cm
ETCC0131 550-600cm
ETCC0136 600-650cm
ETCC0141 650-700cm
ETCC0146 700-750cm
ETCC0151 750-800cm
ETCC0156 800-850cm
ETCC0161 850-1000cm