Caravan side wall awning


Universal caravan awning met sidewall (sliding roof).

With this canopy you can decide yourself whether you have a side wall left or at the right side.
The frame poles are is excluded.

The 240cm canopies have next to the normal piping of 7mm also a 6mm piping. This one can be used for the piping block to mount the roof pole with out drilling into the caravan.

Optional: The frame set (see photo)

Fabric: 100% polyester All Weather Tex 1.7
Weight: depending on size.

Nr. caravan size Fabric size
02 660-700cm 500cm
03 700-740cm 540cm
04 740-780cm 580cm
05 780-820cm 620cm
06 820-860cm 660cm
07 860-900cm 700cm
08 900-940cm 740cm
09 940-980cm 780cm
10 980-1020cm 820cm
11 1020-1060cm 860cm
12 1060-1100cm 900cm