Compressor Air-Tube pump 12V

Practical air pump equipped with a strong compressor to provide sufficient power to pump AirTube air channels or any other inflatable item. Easy to use and super convenient.

The 12V connector the fits the car cigarettes lighter, the long wire ensures that you can get close to the tent. Pump has a number mouthpieces which fits almost all inflatable item. The pressure relief valve ensures that when the maximum pressure (8 PSI = 0.6 bar) is reached, the air can escape and not further inflate the tube. Also for deflation of the tube you can use this pump.

Incl. 4 adapters, 12V cable, carrying case.

Position 1
Pressure: 0,5 psi
Sound: < 85 dB
Power: 12V / 110W
Airflow: 170 ltr./min.

Position 2
Pressure: 15 psi
Sound: < 85 dB
Power: 12V / 180W
Airflow: 40 ltr./min.