Fjord Private Room

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The FJORD PR is a complete canopy set suitable for the Fjord Sunroof (style 2017).
The set consisting of: 2 side and 1 front panel and poleset. Available in 260 or 300cm wide.

You can use this together with the Fjord Van awning (style 2017) to create a completely closed canopy tent. The side panels can also be used separately.

After mounting the Eurotrail Fjord Van awning you can place the roofpoles and attach the panel of the FJORD Private Room: 2 side and front panels to the velcro band at the inside of the Van awning. The side panels and front panel can be zipped together to create a perfect closed canopy tent, sheltered from the rain and wind. The side panels have large clear view windows with curtains, the front panel has large windows and an entrance door. Incl. poles set and roof pole with clamps, pegs and storage bag.
(Excl. Fjord Canopy!)

Manual Fjord PR

Set information:
FJORD PR 260: 2 x side panel 240x210cm, front panel: 260 x 180cm, weight: 5.3 kg., pack: 45x40x10cm
FJORD PR 300: 2 x side panel 240x210cm, front panel: 300 x 180cm, weight: 5.5 kg. pack: 45x40x12cm

Fabric: 100% All Weather Tex polyester UPF 50+
Frame: adjustable steel poles