Foldable pan with lid

Foldable pan with lid, fitted with stainless steel bottom and solid silicone handles.

The pans are made of silicon and stainless steel. The handles are covered with silicone therefore safe for your hands.
The lid has a silicone handle, and has a silicone cover edge with special steam vents.

Ideal for inter alia in the caravan or tent collapsed because hardly takes place in the set.
A perfect kitchen set of 3 sizes!

Available in sizes:
Small: approx. 1 ltr, Ø16x9cm, folded Ø16x4cm, weight about 618 grams.
Medium: approx. 1.5 ltr Ø20x9cm, folded Ø20x4cm, weight about 795 grams.
Large: approx. 3.5 ltr Ø24×12.5cm, folded: Ø24×4.5cm, weight approx 1.1 kg.

– BPA free (food, taste-free)
– Can be put directly on the stove
– Small pack size
– Easily export and to fold
– Dishwasher safe

Material: 100% silicone, stainless steel and glass lid.
Available colors: green, blue and grey