Mosquito lamp 2-1

Rechargeable anti mosquito lamp with a 2-1 function. The lamp gives a bright light and with the special ultra violet light it also functions as a mosquito trap. The violet UV-LED light attracts the mosquitoes within a radius of 5 meters which are then automatically killed by the spiral. The lamp works without chemicals or liquids and is 100% safe for children and animals. Fitted with hook, splash-proof (IP44) and easy to clean. Perfect for outdoor use in smaller area’s like small tents, or inner tents. Use: when lamp is on 7 hours, with violet lamp 8 hours. Charging time 3 hours.

Power : lighting 3W,
: Mosquito UV-LED 365-395nm, 2W
Charge : USB DC5v 1000MA
Grid : voltage 2000V
Effective area : 5 mtr. diamter
Materiaal : ABS with silicone cap
Lamp : SMD 2835
Lumen : 70LM
Accu : 2000MAH