Nova Atina Relax Chair

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The Nova series is a new collection of comfortable high-end chairs from Eurotrail, made with the new Nova Cantonic 600D Polyester. This is a specially treated polyester fabric with a higher strength, is more stretchable and has a soft cotton-like “touch”. The mottled gray fabric is much more resistant to UV radiation and thus retains better its color and technical properties.

The Nova Relax chair has a richly padded seat, which makes sitting very pleasant.

The high back panel is infinitely adjustable and lockable for a pleasant sitting comfort. Simply lean back and the recliner lifts the leg section. The back panel can be locked at any desired position, creating a comfortable relaxing chair. The padded seat is made of Nova Cantonic 600 material and is attached to the back with special frame clips and an elastic band. This allows the seat to be removed from the chair so you can easily clean it if necessary. The supplied headrest is adjustable in height and can be placed in any desired position and can also be used as a lumbar support. The relax chair with the new Nova Cantonic fabric has a very luxurious and comfortable look and is perfect for use in the garden or even at the campsite!

Material: 100% Nova Cantonic 600D Polyester.
Frame: steel Ø19mm
Dimensions: 95x72x120cm
Folded: 98x72x12cm
Weight: 9.9 kg
Max. load: 140 kg