St. Gobain S/M/L

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The most stable camping table on the market!
The frame is fitted with the patented CLS (Crosslink Stability) bar offers not only stability side ways but also forwards.
The legs are adjustable in height and mounted with large feet plates so that the table =very stabile and donot sick into the ground easily.
The Sevelit countertop is manufactured in Germany and is waterproof and heat resistant and will last a lifetime.

The table is assembled in the Netherlands by a social work place. St. Gobain has 3 years full guarantee!

Available in 3 sizes and in the color anthracite

St. Gobain S: 80x60x 52/68cm, folded: 80x60x9cm, weight: 8.5 kg.
St. Gobain M: 100x68x52/68cm, folded: 100x68x9cm, weight: 10.5 kg.
St. Gobain L: 115x70x52/68cm, folded: 115x70x9cm, weight: 14.8 kg.

Tops: Sevelit TOP LINE, waterproof and heat resistant
Frame: Aluminium
Maximum load: 50 kg.