Tent Carpet

Eurotrail Tent Carpet: practical, durable and easy to customize.
The tent carpet protects your groundsheet from excessive wear and has a comfortable soft feel. The carpet has a nylon core surrounded by a special foam layer which can be cut to the required size. Using the special Eurotrail Carpet Clips (optional, set of 4 pieces € 4.95), you can fix the carpet on the corners with a peg. After use you can store the carpet in a special Eurotrail tent carpet bag (optional € 14.95).
Available in gray, navy or green.

Fabric: 100% PVC ± 500 gr/m2% polyamide
– Breathable structure
– Heat insulating
– Water and dirt draining
– Colourfast
– Easy to clean
– Weatherproof

Available size:
250x200cm 250x600cm 300x600cm
250x300cm 250x700cm 300x700cm
250x350cm 300x400cm 350x400cm
250x400cm 300x450cm 350x450cm
250x500cm 300x500cm 350x500cm
250x550cm 300x550cm 350x550cm