Airdam PVC barriers

Awning ground sheet with inflatable edges.
Ideal waterproof groundsheet made of PVC material provided with inflatable edges. These edges form a barrier against the water from the outside will come in and the tent also protects against wind and cold. The groundsheet is equipped with loops to secure the groundsheet.
Available in sizes:
Outside dimension / Inside size
250×400 / 230x380cm
250×450 / 230x430cm
250×500 / 230x480cm
250×550 / 230x530cm
250×600 / 230x580cm
250×650 / 230x630cm
300×500 / 280x480cm
300×550 / 280x530cm
300×600 / 280x580cm
300×650 / 280x630cm

The internal dimension includes the inflatable rim, but excluding the edge with fastening eyes (size)